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Christine Mermoud | Multi Media Artist

Welcome to my world!

I was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland.


My childhood was filled with many unique social connections which opened my heart and mind to many different cultures. I learned to appreciate the wonders of all countries, colors, essences, foods and energies of humanity.

In 1984, my husband Francois and I moved to the United States due to his job’s transfer. With my free time, I  started drawing with a group of friends, and found it very soothing and relaxing:  my passion for art was born!! I soon began to investigate various alternative modalities beyond simply the parameters of my traditional training as a pharmacist. I became fascinated by Homeopathy, followed by Reiki and Reflexology. It opened me to the knowing that there were so many areas of healing and alignment beyond what the eyes can see. To keep expanding my skills, I started with porcelain painting that I used to do when I was a teenager, followed by Watercolor classes, Pastel and now Acrylic.
I learned that the composition is as important as the painting itself, and therefore from a well composed picture, you obtain a beautiful painting. I had a lot fun playing with the different colors, mixing them endlessly to obtain beautiful (or sometimes muddy!) results. I learned that Watercolor is not suitable for portraits due to the limitation of the paper as Pastel is adding a beautiful vibrancy. My main source of inspiration is my Granddaughter Juliette, (at age 2 when I started painting portraits) as well as my beloved pets.  I am a lucky grandma as now I have a second muse, Sophia!!


PETS 6_edited.jpg
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